What item from your family did you keep and why?


This is one of my keepsakes. Perhaps you know what this is and its purpose?

This wooden scoop was used to harvest cranberries by hand. I grew up across from a large cranberry bog in southern Massachusetts. The scoop belonged to my grandfather who owned a portion of the bog way before I was born. As a young girl I tried it out myself a few times. The rhythm of the scooping process was somewhat mesmerizing. As the tines combed through the vines the hard berries bounced their way to the bottom of the scoop.

After the harvest, and before the winter freeze, the bogs were flooded to protect the vines. If we were fortunate to have rain in between snowfalls, we would enjoy some perfectly smooth skating, opening our jackets like a sail to catch the wind. I remember peering down through the ice to see the few berries that managed to escape the harvest.

Each time I look at this scoop I feel lucky to have been “a girl of the bog”.

Next week I will post about another family keepsake I chose. Meanwhile, your comments or posts on Family Keepsakes are always welcome!

--Annette Markward, Refreshing Estate Sales, Austin, TX


What do you wish you still had that belonged to your grandparents?