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    Refreshing Estate Sales

    Are you looking for a professional Estate Sale company in Maine? Our services include: full estate inventory & valuation for taxation purposes; full in situ estate sales; and full service estate liquidation. For details call Annette Markward, owner of Refreshing Estate Sales, 512-850‑9347, or email us at

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Conveying a Vehicle

Please consult with us before you consider selling an estate vehicle yourself. Our experience could very well generate more money for you. If the car is in working condition, we would lightly detail it and ready it for showings as part of our commission. If it has been garaged for a while, we would have to evaluate basic needs to get it road ready or not, such as air in tires, oil and/ or filter change, etc. Should any of these options be required, we would solicit the nearest service operation to provide you with a written estimate. You would be responsible to pre-pay for that work in order to ready it for showings.

We would require seeing the vehicle and the title in advance. More than one ignition key and service records to offer the buyer is always a bonus. Due to the logistics of needed test runs with potential buyers, our policy is to pre-sell vehicles and you must maintain current insurance on it while we do so. Due to liability we would ride along with the interested party. When the sale is made, the owner/estate representative will need to to sign off on the title; we take care of the rest. We will return the license plates to you should they be sentimental, otherwise they are void with the transaction and disposed of by us.

Depending on the year, make and model of the vehicle and its condition, we will discuss with you what our commission would be. In all fairness to you, on a highly collectible car, which we are fully capable of handling, we would ask for a lesser commission than that agreed upon for the contents of the house, and we would both sign a separate contract for each.