I presented Annette and John with a very difficult task. When my Mom passed away she left a house filled with European antiques and vintage furniture, etchings and paintings, ceramics, glassware and jewelry. But I didn't realize, at the time, the full extent of the value of these items. Each item (100s of them) was carefully researched and priced and nicely staged. After the sale I was given good advice on donating a few remaining items.

If you feel you need an estate sale that requires careful planning and loving care, I would highly recommend Refreshing Estate Sales.
Bob Stevens, Austin, TX
June 2018
Annette assisted me with a client who needed her parents' home made ready for Market. She was very professional, hardworking, and very knowledgeable! Even though the temperature was 100 degrees she never hesitated to move forward to meet the deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend her again for even the most challenging Estate Sales!
Sheryl Lowe
Kuper / Sotheby's Realty
May 2018
The day I first met Annette Markward was my lucky day! I could tell from the moment we met that she was the one I wanted to handle my downsizing and estate sale. She was organized, meticulous, honest and calming. Everyone who worked with her had nothing but great things to say about her abilities. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.
Georgia D., Austin TX
December 2017