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    Refreshing Estate Sales

    Are you looking for a professional Estate Sale company in Maine? Our services include: full estate inventory & valuation for taxation purposes; full in situ estate sales; and full service estate liquidation. For details call Annette Markward, owner of Refreshing Estate Sales, 512-850‑9347, or email us at

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Holding Your Sale

During a standard three day sale, the first two are generally full price as tagged. Whatever remains on the third day is 50% off the tagged price. In some instances we feel the need to offer 20% off on select large furniture on the second day. We are very proud to say our sales are near sellouts and have never required a 75% off day. This success validates our familiarity of a wide variety of items and fair pricing, and that our staff supports our consistent business policies and ethics.

At our sales we accept cash, yet it is also to your benefit and ours that we offer crebit/debit card processing with a $20 minimum. We are able to refer professional movers to customers who have purchased a large item, which they cannot carry safely themselves, and we are present for that moveout. We supply boxes to our customers for sets of glasses, dishes, and other fragile items, as well as a complimentary wrapping station just outside the exit door.

In order to best serve our valued customers during the sale days, we bring in upwards of six staff so our presence is visible. If the logistics of a garage warrants its own cashier, we will have a staff member to manage that. We tidy up after each sale day and rearrange remaining items in a pleasing way for the next day’s customers.

The day after the sale ends we will contact you to meet on-site within four days after that to do a final walk through and settlement. Or our contract may state that you choose for the settlement to be mailed to you. Either way, the day after the sale ends we begin to box up any/all unsold items for donation to be picked up within two-three days after the sale; we also ready our supplies to be removed from the property. If you prefer to review the unsold items and choose to hold some back before donation, you may do so the day after the sale. Should you need more time beyond that you may need to make your own arrangements to have this done at your convenience.

Once we have removed our supplies, and any agreed upon donations have been picked up, we leave the home clean, orderly and broom swept prior to our settlement with you.